Saturday, November 27, 2010

More HORIZONTAL designs!!

     While I am knotting and knotting more of my "AWARENESS Design", I am posting my latest friendship bracelets.  These colorful friendship bracelets are part of the newest design, which will be uploaded to the wesite in the next few days.  This HORIZONTAL  design has two different touches, one with a black border as the one below and the other one without borders.  I hope you like their colors !!

HORIZONTAL design with black borders to make their colors stand out more!

These HORIZONTAL bracelets do not have a border but just their own colorful touch!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supporting our Troops!!

... "The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared" .. a quote written by Gen. Patton.  These words were written to honor those fallen heroes during the Second World War, but today they are to honor those unfallen men and women serving on our armed forces.  Not only on Veteran's Day,  we take pride on our troops but must always keep them in mind as they continue on their never-ending mission. 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!!

     Pink belongs to October!! ...

These friendship bracelets were made to honor all WOMEN because when there is hope anything can be possible.   In memory of those, who were taken or who are currently fighting against this incurable disease.

Supporting to save all boobies!!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

HORIZONTALS ... my newest design!

      My latest design is the HORIZONTALS design. I have decided to use the tradional PEACE colors to show my deepest condolescenses to all the families of 9/11.  In a day like today, let's embrace PEACE and let's keep in mind a quote from one of the greatest influences in music ...  "When the power of LOVE overcomes the love of POWER, the world will know PEACE" ~ Jimmy Hendrix

`•.,(¯`•´¯) (¯`•´¯).•´
` •.,.•´

Saturday, August 28, 2010

WEBSITE has been updated, yay!!

Thanking my sister and ADDITIVE STUDIO for the website update!!
It definitely has more variety of bracelets and for sure a new look to it.  From this simple but beautiful page of only 25 friendship bracelets ...

 ... To this more colorful format, which brings out most of the colors of life!!
 Currently, there are 8 colorful designs in this collection. Thanks to summer vacation, I was able to add more quantities for each design, yes!! a total of 55 friendship bracelets were made by my hands to achieve this updated and new look for the website.   

•●♥ ... Enjoy the colors & see you soon!! ~ 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer is coming to an end ...

     That also means, only a few days of vacation!! ... meanwhile, just finished a set of HEART designs. 
      Here is one of them.  This HEART design is different from the previous hearts. I decided to make only the heart's fillings (black) with a turquoise background for contrast.

   These ones have the lovely outline of HEARTS to accentuate the design even more.

           With a lot of love & HEARTS in mind ... see you next week!. Take care and ...

                 (`'·.¸ (`'·.¸*¤* ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´)
               =------♥  Bye bye!  ♥-----=
                 (¸.·'´ (¸.·'´*¤* `'·.¸) `'·.¸)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sending you a lot of LOVE !

     I know it is not February yet, but hearts and love are always around.  It doesn't have to be a special occassion or a special day to let someone know how much we care or feel for them.  Whichever day or whatever moment, people are always there and our feelings as well ... so let's show our true special feelings and our sincere emotions for those in our lives.   

HEARTS design details:
~  Made of 10 embroidery threads
~  2 colors
~  Knotted bracelet:  4 3/4
 ~  Endings:  2 in. on each side

This HEART design has a "special" and "little" touch lol.  This heart has 3 colors:  Hearts have a black outline with a red fillings, plus little red horns on top.  White background to accent its special trait.  It is a special HEART for those little "devils" in our lives or for those crazy at heart!  So with a lot of <3 and a lot of hearts, I say bye until next time ...   

` •.,.•´

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today is Friendship Day !

    Today, just like every first Sunday of AUGUST, we celebrate "National Friendship Day".  The history goes back to the year 1935, when the U.S Congress decided to have a day to honor those special people in our lives, our FRIENDS.  Due to the results of World War I, Congress passed it as a means to diminish the hostilities among countries and individuals. Therefore, today I send my best wishes to all those close and far away friends in honor of what it takes to really be a friend.

     "Celebrate the HAPPINESS that FRIENDS are always giving, make a day a holiday and celebrate just LIVING" ... Happy Friendship Day to all of you!

` •.,.•´


Saturday, July 31, 2010

friendship bracelets.wmv

     A colorful video for a colorful summer!! ...
     Edited some of the content in this video and now I think it looks a little bit better. While you enjoy these slides and the music, I am going to keep on working on a the new design ... a HEART design, which will be posted tomorrow.  Yes, pics will be up tomorrow because tomorrow is a SPECIAL day!  Enjoy your satuday and see you tomorrow !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miami's school spirit!!

    Here I am back to show you my city's favorite school colors!!
No Gators, no Seminoles ... lol, but yes to the FIU's GOLDEN PANTHERS and UM's HURRICANES

     Both schools are very popular in South Florida, of course, UM's Hurricanes dominate the football list since FIU's football team is just beginning to rise.  But that does not mean, we, Golden Panthers are out of sight! ...(yes, I said "we" because I am an FIU alumni).    

       The Golden Panthers colors of Blue and Gold has been in our city since the year 1965.  FIU is the newest state university in this area.

     The spirit of UM, the Hurricanes, have been getting more fans than ever and it is considered to be extremely popular among Miami's young crowd.  Their Green and Orange colors are the representation of UM's historic beginning since 1925.   
The spirit is on as we approach the fall, the beginning of football season and the beginning of school classes as well.  So let's get into the school spirit and represent who we are and to whom do we belong to.  Have a great week everyone, until next time!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Showing off your school spirit!!

      Yes, it is never too early or too late to get into the spirit of sports!!
... Soon, we will be approaching the fall and the season for sports will be here.  Oh lord, the guys will go crazy for football lol, as well as, a few gals. But if you are not into sports, I am pretty sure you have a favorite school, whose colors you love.  Whichever option you have, a favorite team or favorite school, this is your space!!

    Since I am from the beautiful and sunshine city of Miami, I have no choice but to represent the most popular and favorite teams in my state of Florida.  Just in case if you didn't know, here in Miami, girls and guys go crazy for their state schools and of course, their spirit is very very strong and competitive as well.   Therefore, I have taken the time to made my friendship bracelets in honor of these favorite school, whose fans go havoc for it!!

The GATORS are one of the biggest here in our state, their orange and blue colors fascinate many of their students and alumni since the year 1910 ... that's exactly a century of having these colors!!  The city of Gainsville couldn't be more proud of their team.
This friendship bracelet show the spirit for this team and the bright colors of the University of Florida.
 ~ Let's go GATORS!!

.... And this team does not stay behind either, the SEMINOLES, another favorite in the sunshine state of Florida!
     Florida State University is the oldest higher institution in Florida, which was established in 1851!! that is old for our state lol.  
     The team's garnet and gold colors have been representing their school officially since 1947 and the capital city of Tallahassee houses this popular and historic team.
     Definitely, I had to represent this team thru the above colorful friendship bracelet. Let's go SEMINOLES!!

     Now I know we have more schools in our state, but for today I am only taking the time to present two schools and btw, there is no particular order as for that it is a personal choice.  I did not attend neither universities so I do not take sides.  The MIAMI schools will be presented next time for sure. For now, do enjoy these colors and may the spirit of your schools be with you always!! 

            Have a great and wonderful weekend!!

p.s ~ see you very soon, promise!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is the latest design!!

         Yes!! here it is the Double-Thread Diamonds design.  This one was born out of the previous design, Single-Thread Diamonds, just had to change the number of colors.  For this specific design, I decided to use 2 to 3 colors the most for the diamond pattern to stand out. 

It looks simple but likes to call the attention! ...

 ¸.•´¸.•*¨)  ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´    (¸.•`   ♥  it!!

      Love how the pattern came out and now it gives me a chance to set a new fashion style, which will allow me to emphazise on colors only
       What does this mean? It means that this type of bracelet will allow you to show your favorite colors or the colors of your favorite team or even your school colors.  This kind of design allows for the spirit in of all us to be shown off!.  Therefore, I have a few school colors in mind so for the next time you will see a parade of colorful "school colors". 

     Let's keep the spirit of colors going!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

New design's name

      Yes, I have a name for my new design it is called DIAMOND (single-thread) why single-thread??? ... because right now I am working on another design.  I am trying to rearrange the number of colors used in the Diamond (single-thread) to come out with a different pattern of Diamonds. This new pattern of Diamonds will have another name so I am getting as creative as possible for this new one to be more attrative.

     For now, let me show you my new set of Diamond (single-thread) Design!!

Have a great and colorful week everybody!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new design on board!!

     Finally I have a new design!!
     ....yes! it is different from the others. The only problem is that it has no name yet, gee... what would I name it??? any suggestions?  Honestly, I have not thought about a name because I was concern on how it would look, but eventually something will come up lol.  This is how it looks!! ... colorful as always!

    No matter its name, it was interesting to see the end result... a new and colorful handmade friendship bracelet.  Enjoy its colors!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fifty (50) ... the number of bracelets so far in my collection!!

      Finally I was able to complete my 50th friendship bracelet in my collection!!  (By the way, only my first 25 are on the website

      These are the last 6 bracelets that I needed to finally place the second set of 25 friendship bracelets on my little website.  Hopefully it will not take long to upload and make the necessary changes with the web designer, who happens to be my sister hahahahahaha, but with her busy architectural project will see how long it takes for such a change to be in effect.
    Since I am done with number 50th, now I am considering in creating a different design! A design which has no name yet but it will be coming soon to your computer screen lol. 
     Well, let me concentrate on certain new ideas and refresh myself over the weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy it to the max!!    

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Would you wear more than one bracelet on your wrist?? ...

      Even though it is not June 21 to officially welcome the SUMMER, here in Miami it is summer already!! ... yeah, a lot of heat and sun!! 
      With that idea in mind, I am wondering if in the beautiful sunshine city of Miami, as well as, in other pretty hot cities... Would people wear many bracelets on their writsts?? 

       I do understand the stickyness of the humidity, but I do not think that is a reason not to wear more that one bracelet.  On the contrary, the summer season is the perfect time to show off those colors and styles on our writsts!!  (btw, these are my recent handmade bracelets).  For boys, girls, guys, gals, women or men, it is a way to make a fashion  statement during this heated summer... It is a youthful and happy fashion statement!
      Thus, if you are in to wear many and many bracelets, your hands would be embellished by these colorful bracelets wherever you go!!   Let's all join this little movement that no matter how hot or cold it gets, our colorful fashion statement shines in the rain or in the sun!!

                 Have a great sunday and a colorful week!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting close to the summer season...!!

      It is the last weekend in May, wow!! ... now we are officially half way the year and June in MIAMI means a lot:  the beginning of a HUMID summer, the long awaited rainy season enough to flood our streets jajajaja and the beginning of the HURRICANE season... boy, we are in for long summer HEAT!! go HEAT, by the way  But along with these natural features, we also have the greatest time outdoors to enjoy. Fashion becomes summery, yup that means ... simple and sexy as possible, besides colorful!!

             Fun, sun everywhere thats what you gotta wear!!

      So for this coming summer season, we must enjoy the outdoors and its colorful moments. Thus, for the summer fashion, let's add a little color to our wrists ... 

These summer bright colors are unique ... who can live without blue and green? or without pink and yellow?? These color combinations are bright and colorful enough for a season that brings a lot of sunshine! So let's cheer these summery colors!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colorful combinations!

How colorful can they get?  These designs cannot get any more colorful, the colors bring out their patterns, that means ... bright colors are in for the coming summer!!  

But, not always, bright colors are the favorites! ... these low-accent colors and pastel colors give a relaxing   spring time spirt!!   

No matter which colors are in or which season we enjoy, there are always a variety of colors for any occasion. Therefore, just enjoy life: its colors and its moments!!  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sharing my sets of bracelets

  I was looking at my little website and noticed that my pictures do not look so right.  Something is missing and obviously, the black background is the problem, the pictures look so formal. So I decided to change that look.  Definitely, a great background makes a great difference!   I have used my patio floor as a background to bring out the colors and designs in my bracelets.   Here they are!! I am sharing my hand-made set of bracelets.  It amazing how colors bring out their patterns.  I coundn't be more proud of myself.   This first set is showing you the Sided-Arrow Collection.

This picture holds four of the five designs I have. Starting from the left to right: Spades, Double Waves, Arrow Peaks and Diagonal Stripes.  They are unique in color and definitely, beautiful to wear.  More pictures to come later.   
Until next time my friends!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changing colors to create a different pattern

Here it is finally!!! After a few days of being so busy, now I have the chance to show you these combination of colors (they looked so simple and kind of dead in the previous blog jajajajaja), which definitely changed my former design into a better one.  My Double Waves design now looks amazing and I love it!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying to create a new design by changing color patterns ...

It is the middle of the week, yes!!
WEDNESDAY, you just gave me a new idea to try!  Since I've been making more or less the same five designs I have, this time I have decided to change not the design but the color patterns in a design.  I will make a bracelet of Double Waves design. Let's see what comes out of these four bright colors??

I will show you its transformation SOON!!  Since Thursday is a busy day for me, hopefully by Friday I could show you my colorful and new CREATION!!  ... In the meantime, if you want to see my first 25 friendship bracelets (I've been able to make since February) and take a look at my Double Waves designs, you can check my little and humble website at   See you soon and  Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody !!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wow!! the week flew by ...

yes, it has!! amazingly we are in May already, almost half way the year.  I have not have the chance to buy more embroidery threads ... yup!! am running out of those plus out of time, I wish we could have more hours in the day lol.   Well, today am going to show you my five designs:                                                    

I start with the simplest of all, the Diagonal Stripes. This design was my first one, the one that had to let me know if I was to continue making my bracelets. By the way, this one is not in my possession anymore, it became a gift for one of my best friends at work and she loved it!!

Oh yes!! this one has my favorite color ...Turquoise!! (yes, I had to keep it hahaaha). These elegant colors show the Arrow Peaks design, what a combination Black and Turquoise!  Ummm ... is that how you spell Turquoise?? lol. I don't think people write this color name too much.

Ummmm....... I had to keep this one too! obviously blue is my second favorite color, next to black, plus, it matched my jeans lol. I called this one the Sided Arrows design, since it is a combination of arrow peaks, I decided to interchange the colors for each side and voila!! this was the result.

LOL ... this design came out of a mistake while making it. This was supposed to be the shape of waves but for some reason the wave pattern never show.  Thus, decided to change a few steps and the Spades design emerged.

Now, this one is the famous wave I was talking about!! in reality I call it the Double Waves design. It is my favorite one because I never thought I could be able to create such a different design from all the popular designs.  Very colorful and enchanting!!

And with these designs in mind, I keep my journey in making these bracelets. See you next time! Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!!  xoxo

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, I AM NEW to this blogging activity and this is the story of how I've got here ...

A few months ago, I decided to make my own friendship bracelets, since I am a fan of anything that is hand made; but before that happened, I remember going to certain stores and seeing hand-made bracelets of different materials, designs and colors.   I began to buy them and yes! I did spend money on these artitstic crafts.  Then little by little, I realized that most of these bracelets were not hard to make, all you needed was time and creativity.  Thus, I decided to do the simplest of all the bracelets, the one that has been forgotten for a while ... a "friendship bracelets".  Why the friendship bracelet? well, first of all, because of all the colors you can combine, then because I had them in mind since I was a little girl. So I ask myself, why not make my own bracelets and create my own fashion statement as well?

The first bracelets I made were obviously for my two beautiful boys, who went crazy with the colors.  My little one loved this one, he wanted a Braided bracelet, with blue and whitle colors only.

My oldest son wanted a different kind of bracelet, he loved the Diagonal Stripes.  He demanded three diferent colors lol.  Then obviously, both began to ask me for diferent colors and designs. 

My boys were the ones that gave me the idea to show off what my hands can make and encouraged me to create a medium to do that.  As a I began to make more and more, some of my friends gave me the idea of advertising these bracelets, just in case someone might be interesting in acquiring one.  Thus, I asked my sister if she could create a website for me.  I do not know how she did it, but what was going to be my website was looking  so great and professional, it amazed me that she was able to create a webpage from scratch without knowledge about it, just by reading and reading!!  I guess she has the art for it. 

If you need someone to make a website, my sister can do it for you!! lol ... you can check what she created for me at , I have been telling her that she needs to change her job to "web design" and probably she will, she is creating a website for her work in Architecture under, which is not finish yet, but eventually will have a lot of information.  Wow!! I think I have wrote quite much, till next time!!