Saturday, July 31, 2010

friendship bracelets.wmv

     A colorful video for a colorful summer!! ...
     Edited some of the content in this video and now I think it looks a little bit better. While you enjoy these slides and the music, I am going to keep on working on a the new design ... a HEART design, which will be posted tomorrow.  Yes, pics will be up tomorrow because tomorrow is a SPECIAL day!  Enjoy your satuday and see you tomorrow !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miami's school spirit!!

    Here I am back to show you my city's favorite school colors!!
No Gators, no Seminoles ... lol, but yes to the FIU's GOLDEN PANTHERS and UM's HURRICANES

     Both schools are very popular in South Florida, of course, UM's Hurricanes dominate the football list since FIU's football team is just beginning to rise.  But that does not mean, we, Golden Panthers are out of sight! ...(yes, I said "we" because I am an FIU alumni).    

       The Golden Panthers colors of Blue and Gold has been in our city since the year 1965.  FIU is the newest state university in this area.

     The spirit of UM, the Hurricanes, have been getting more fans than ever and it is considered to be extremely popular among Miami's young crowd.  Their Green and Orange colors are the representation of UM's historic beginning since 1925.   
The spirit is on as we approach the fall, the beginning of football season and the beginning of school classes as well.  So let's get into the school spirit and represent who we are and to whom do we belong to.  Have a great week everyone, until next time!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Showing off your school spirit!!

      Yes, it is never too early or too late to get into the spirit of sports!!
... Soon, we will be approaching the fall and the season for sports will be here.  Oh lord, the guys will go crazy for football lol, as well as, a few gals. But if you are not into sports, I am pretty sure you have a favorite school, whose colors you love.  Whichever option you have, a favorite team or favorite school, this is your space!!

    Since I am from the beautiful and sunshine city of Miami, I have no choice but to represent the most popular and favorite teams in my state of Florida.  Just in case if you didn't know, here in Miami, girls and guys go crazy for their state schools and of course, their spirit is very very strong and competitive as well.   Therefore, I have taken the time to made my friendship bracelets in honor of these favorite school, whose fans go havoc for it!!

The GATORS are one of the biggest here in our state, their orange and blue colors fascinate many of their students and alumni since the year 1910 ... that's exactly a century of having these colors!!  The city of Gainsville couldn't be more proud of their team.
This friendship bracelet show the spirit for this team and the bright colors of the University of Florida.
 ~ Let's go GATORS!!

.... And this team does not stay behind either, the SEMINOLES, another favorite in the sunshine state of Florida!
     Florida State University is the oldest higher institution in Florida, which was established in 1851!! that is old for our state lol.  
     The team's garnet and gold colors have been representing their school officially since 1947 and the capital city of Tallahassee houses this popular and historic team.
     Definitely, I had to represent this team thru the above colorful friendship bracelet. Let's go SEMINOLES!!

     Now I know we have more schools in our state, but for today I am only taking the time to present two schools and btw, there is no particular order as for that it is a personal choice.  I did not attend neither universities so I do not take sides.  The MIAMI schools will be presented next time for sure. For now, do enjoy these colors and may the spirit of your schools be with you always!! 

            Have a great and wonderful weekend!!

p.s ~ see you very soon, promise!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is the latest design!!

         Yes!! here it is the Double-Thread Diamonds design.  This one was born out of the previous design, Single-Thread Diamonds, just had to change the number of colors.  For this specific design, I decided to use 2 to 3 colors the most for the diamond pattern to stand out. 

It looks simple but likes to call the attention! ...

 ¸.•´¸.•*¨)  ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´    (¸.•`   ♥  it!!

      Love how the pattern came out and now it gives me a chance to set a new fashion style, which will allow me to emphazise on colors only
       What does this mean? It means that this type of bracelet will allow you to show your favorite colors or the colors of your favorite team or even your school colors.  This kind of design allows for the spirit in of all us to be shown off!.  Therefore, I have a few school colors in mind so for the next time you will see a parade of colorful "school colors". 

     Let's keep the spirit of colors going!!