Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, I AM NEW to this blogging activity and this is the story of how I've got here ...

A few months ago, I decided to make my own friendship bracelets, since I am a fan of anything that is hand made; but before that happened, I remember going to certain stores and seeing hand-made bracelets of different materials, designs and colors.   I began to buy them and yes! I did spend money on these artitstic crafts.  Then little by little, I realized that most of these bracelets were not hard to make, all you needed was time and creativity.  Thus, I decided to do the simplest of all the bracelets, the one that has been forgotten for a while ... a "friendship bracelets".  Why the friendship bracelet? well, first of all, because of all the colors you can combine, then because I had them in mind since I was a little girl. So I ask myself, why not make my own bracelets and create my own fashion statement as well?

The first bracelets I made were obviously for my two beautiful boys, who went crazy with the colors.  My little one loved this one, he wanted a Braided bracelet, with blue and whitle colors only.

My oldest son wanted a different kind of bracelet, he loved the Diagonal Stripes.  He demanded three diferent colors lol.  Then obviously, both began to ask me for diferent colors and designs. 

My boys were the ones that gave me the idea to show off what my hands can make and encouraged me to create a medium to do that.  As a I began to make more and more, some of my friends gave me the idea of advertising these bracelets, just in case someone might be interesting in acquiring one.  Thus, I asked my sister if she could create a website for me.  I do not know how she did it, but what was going to be my website was looking  so great and professional, it amazed me that she was able to create a webpage from scratch without knowledge about it, just by reading and reading!!  I guess she has the art for it. 

If you need someone to make a website, my sister can do it for you!! lol ... you can check what she created for me at , I have been telling her that she needs to change her job to "web design" and probably she will, she is creating a website for her work in Architecture under, which is not finish yet, but eventually will have a lot of information.  Wow!! I think I have wrote quite much, till next time!!