Monday, June 21, 2010

New design's name

      Yes, I have a name for my new design it is called DIAMOND (single-thread) why single-thread??? ... because right now I am working on another design.  I am trying to rearrange the number of colors used in the Diamond (single-thread) to come out with a different pattern of Diamonds. This new pattern of Diamonds will have another name so I am getting as creative as possible for this new one to be more attrative.

     For now, let me show you my new set of Diamond (single-thread) Design!!

Have a great and colorful week everybody!!


  1. I love the way you presented different designs of friendship bracelets.

  2. Cool the fifth's really pretty. :)

  3. hi I love your work! so nice and neat and such good choice of colours, I included this pic and a link to this page on my blog hope you don't mind! plz msg me if u wish me to take it down.

  4. Thank you all for dropping by!!! I apologyze for this delayed response but somehow I am not able to receive notices about my blog.

  5. Love your bracelets! I have made one similar called the arrow head-some pretty neat patterns are on!!! Happy Knotting everyone! :)