Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting close to the summer season...!!

      It is the last weekend in May, wow!! ... now we are officially half way the year and June in MIAMI means a lot:  the beginning of a HUMID summer, the long awaited rainy season enough to flood our streets jajajaja and the beginning of the HURRICANE season... boy, we are in for long summer HEAT!! go HEAT, by the way  But along with these natural features, we also have the greatest time outdoors to enjoy. Fashion becomes summery, yup that means ... simple and sexy as possible, besides colorful!!

             Fun, sun everywhere thats what you gotta wear!!

      So for this coming summer season, we must enjoy the outdoors and its colorful moments. Thus, for the summer fashion, let's add a little color to our wrists ... 

These summer bright colors are unique ... who can live without blue and green? or without pink and yellow?? These color combinations are bright and colorful enough for a season that brings a lot of sunshine! So let's cheer these summery colors!!


  1. Bright colours of this bracelets is the main attraction of these bracelets.

  2. suchy quality 1 star

  3. Do you have a pattern for the middle kinds?