Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sending you a lot of LOVE !

     I know it is not February yet, but hearts and love are always around.  It doesn't have to be a special occassion or a special day to let someone know how much we care or feel for them.  Whichever day or whatever moment, people are always there and our feelings as well ... so let's show our true special feelings and our sincere emotions for those in our lives.   

HEARTS design details:
~  Made of 10 embroidery threads
~  2 colors
~  Knotted bracelet:  4 3/4
 ~  Endings:  2 in. on each side

This HEART design has a "special" and "little" touch lol.  This heart has 3 colors:  Hearts have a black outline with a red fillings, plus little red horns on top.  White background to accent its special trait.  It is a special HEART for those little "devils" in our lives or for those crazy at heart!  So with a lot of <3 and a lot of hearts, I say bye until next time ...   

` •.,.•´


  1. The hearts are so cute! I especially like the blue and purple bracelet!

  2. Thank you Jamie!! those hearts are cute but not as cuter as your little outfits!