Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sharing my sets of bracelets

  I was looking at my little website and noticed that my pictures do not look so right.  Something is missing and obviously, the black background is the problem, the pictures look so formal. So I decided to change that look.  Definitely, a great background makes a great difference!   I have used my patio floor as a background to bring out the colors and designs in my bracelets.   Here they are!! I am sharing my hand-made set of bracelets.  It amazing how colors bring out their patterns.  I coundn't be more proud of myself.   This first set is showing you the Sided-Arrow Collection.

This picture holds four of the five designs I have. Starting from the left to right: Spades, Double Waves, Arrow Peaks and Diagonal Stripes.  They are unique in color and definitely, beautiful to wear.  More pictures to come later.   
Until next time my friends!!

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