Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new design on board!!

     Finally I have a new design!!
     ....yes! it is different from the others. The only problem is that it has no name yet, gee... what would I name it??? any suggestions?  Honestly, I have not thought about a name because I was concern on how it would look, but eventually something will come up lol.  This is how it looks!! ... colorful as always!

    No matter its name, it was interesting to see the end result... a new and colorful handmade friendship bracelet.  Enjoy its colors!!


  1. reminds me of peacock feathers! Very pretty!

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on these little bracelets. Cheers!!

  3. ese modelo lo conozco yo, por "diamante", aunque tambien lo he visto por "cruces". Aunque hay muchos modelo que se llaman "diamante", pues hay muchas variedades del mismo diseño, podrias llamarles "diamante cruzado", por lo de "diamante" y "cruces"

  4. I would like to buy this ! It looks beautiful !