Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miami's school spirit!!

    Here I am back to show you my city's favorite school colors!!
No Gators, no Seminoles ... lol, but yes to the FIU's GOLDEN PANTHERS and UM's HURRICANES

     Both schools are very popular in South Florida, of course, UM's Hurricanes dominate the football list since FIU's football team is just beginning to rise.  But that does not mean, we, Golden Panthers are out of sight! ...(yes, I said "we" because I am an FIU alumni).    

       The Golden Panthers colors of Blue and Gold has been in our city since the year 1965.  FIU is the newest state university in this area.

     The spirit of UM, the Hurricanes, have been getting more fans than ever and it is considered to be extremely popular among Miami's young crowd.  Their Green and Orange colors are the representation of UM's historic beginning since 1925.   
The spirit is on as we approach the fall, the beginning of football season and the beginning of school classes as well.  So let's get into the school spirit and represent who we are and to whom do we belong to.  Have a great week everyone, until next time!!

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  1. The orange with green and white is looking great.The combination is are very attractive.