Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting close to the summer season...!!

      It is the last weekend in May, wow!! ... now we are officially half way the year and June in MIAMI means a lot:  the beginning of a HUMID summer, the long awaited rainy season enough to flood our streets jajajaja and the beginning of the HURRICANE season... boy, we are in for long summer HEAT!! go HEAT, by the way  But along with these natural features, we also have the greatest time outdoors to enjoy. Fashion becomes summery, yup that means ... simple and sexy as possible, besides colorful!!

             Fun, sun everywhere thats what you gotta wear!!

      So for this coming summer season, we must enjoy the outdoors and its colorful moments. Thus, for the summer fashion, let's add a little color to our wrists ... 

These summer bright colors are unique ... who can live without blue and green? or without pink and yellow?? These color combinations are bright and colorful enough for a season that brings a lot of sunshine! So let's cheer these summery colors!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colorful combinations!

How colorful can they get?  These designs cannot get any more colorful, the colors bring out their patterns, that means ... bright colors are in for the coming summer!!  

But, not always, bright colors are the favorites! ... these low-accent colors and pastel colors give a relaxing   spring time spirt!!   

No matter which colors are in or which season we enjoy, there are always a variety of colors for any occasion. Therefore, just enjoy life: its colors and its moments!!  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sharing my sets of bracelets

  I was looking at my little website and noticed that my pictures do not look so right.  Something is missing and obviously, the black background is the problem, the pictures look so formal. So I decided to change that look.  Definitely, a great background makes a great difference!   I have used my patio floor as a background to bring out the colors and designs in my bracelets.   Here they are!! I am sharing my hand-made set of bracelets.  It amazing how colors bring out their patterns.  I coundn't be more proud of myself.   This first set is showing you the Sided-Arrow Collection.

This picture holds four of the five designs I have. Starting from the left to right: Spades, Double Waves, Arrow Peaks and Diagonal Stripes.  They are unique in color and definitely, beautiful to wear.  More pictures to come later.   
Until next time my friends!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Changing colors to create a different pattern

Here it is finally!!! After a few days of being so busy, now I have the chance to show you these combination of colors (they looked so simple and kind of dead in the previous blog jajajajaja), which definitely changed my former design into a better one.  My Double Waves design now looks amazing and I love it!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying to create a new design by changing color patterns ...

It is the middle of the week, yes!!
WEDNESDAY, you just gave me a new idea to try!  Since I've been making more or less the same five designs I have, this time I have decided to change not the design but the color patterns in a design.  I will make a bracelet of Double Waves design. Let's see what comes out of these four bright colors??

I will show you its transformation SOON!!  Since Thursday is a busy day for me, hopefully by Friday I could show you my colorful and new CREATION!!  ... In the meantime, if you want to see my first 25 friendship bracelets (I've been able to make since February) and take a look at my Double Waves designs, you can check my little and humble website at   See you soon and  Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody !!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wow!! the week flew by ...

yes, it has!! amazingly we are in May already, almost half way the year.  I have not have the chance to buy more embroidery threads ... yup!! am running out of those plus out of time, I wish we could have more hours in the day lol.   Well, today am going to show you my five designs:                                                    

I start with the simplest of all, the Diagonal Stripes. This design was my first one, the one that had to let me know if I was to continue making my bracelets. By the way, this one is not in my possession anymore, it became a gift for one of my best friends at work and she loved it!!

Oh yes!! this one has my favorite color ...Turquoise!! (yes, I had to keep it hahaaha). These elegant colors show the Arrow Peaks design, what a combination Black and Turquoise!  Ummm ... is that how you spell Turquoise?? lol. I don't think people write this color name too much.

Ummmm....... I had to keep this one too! obviously blue is my second favorite color, next to black, plus, it matched my jeans lol. I called this one the Sided Arrows design, since it is a combination of arrow peaks, I decided to interchange the colors for each side and voila!! this was the result.

LOL ... this design came out of a mistake while making it. This was supposed to be the shape of waves but for some reason the wave pattern never show.  Thus, decided to change a few steps and the Spades design emerged.

Now, this one is the famous wave I was talking about!! in reality I call it the Double Waves design. It is my favorite one because I never thought I could be able to create such a different design from all the popular designs.  Very colorful and enchanting!!

And with these designs in mind, I keep my journey in making these bracelets. See you next time! Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week!!  xoxo