Sunday, June 6, 2010

Would you wear more than one bracelet on your wrist?? ...

      Even though it is not June 21 to officially welcome the SUMMER, here in Miami it is summer already!! ... yeah, a lot of heat and sun!! 
      With that idea in mind, I am wondering if in the beautiful sunshine city of Miami, as well as, in other pretty hot cities... Would people wear many bracelets on their writsts?? 

       I do understand the stickyness of the humidity, but I do not think that is a reason not to wear more that one bracelet.  On the contrary, the summer season is the perfect time to show off those colors and styles on our writsts!!  (btw, these are my recent handmade bracelets).  For boys, girls, guys, gals, women or men, it is a way to make a fashion  statement during this heated summer... It is a youthful and happy fashion statement!
      Thus, if you are in to wear many and many bracelets, your hands would be embellished by these colorful bracelets wherever you go!!   Let's all join this little movement that no matter how hot or cold it gets, our colorful fashion statement shines in the rain or in the sun!!

                 Have a great sunday and a colorful week!!


  1. Hi Saje,
    Thanks for the comment! Absolutely beautiful work on your bracelets! I love the colours.

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by!! your collection of mini-paper dresses are phenomenal, I love your creativity!!

  3. My sister told me that she likes to wear more than one bracelet in her wrist. She calls the idea as fashionable act. Lately, she showed me heaps of colorful debossed silicone wristband. She's planning to give some to friends and family members of her latest collection. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. You're very welcome Walter!! Bracelets of any kind are just great and a fashionable, it is in a way a print mark of who we are.

  5. Beautiful layouts really great this bracelet's and i loved the concept of this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. what type of bracelet is the purple white an red one